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Meat Production Alexandra Skiba
Nutrition is a big part of your health and makes up the “fuel” your body runs off of. I took a nutrition class with Mrs. Pettevello, and it forced my eyes open to the horrible truth about meat production and the cruel way we treat these animals. Meat is a big part of American culture. The average American eats three times as much meat as we are directed to have. Meat production is causing many health problems in The United States. The way we farm these animals is inhuman. Chickens are bigger now than ever before due to added hormones and steroids to the chicken feed. Chickens body mass is now bigger than ever before, so big that they have MANY problems walking. The weight of the chicken’s body is too much for the chicken’s legs to handle. Walking short distance the chickens continuously fall over themselves and can be trampled to death due to the outstanding numbers of chickens vs. room in the farm houses. Cows are another example of the horrible abuse we do to these farmed animals. Farmers keep cows in a metal box the size of the cow. The farmers keep a hole in one of the four stomachs so they can manually feed the cows corn based feed instead of grass feed like cows are meant to have. The corn messes with the cow’s stomachs and overall health of the animal. I would like to learn how the people in charge of the farmers who are in charge of these animal idly sit back and don’t do anything about the inhumane