Essay on Nutrition: Native Americans in the United States

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Native American leaders and U.S. Congress have fought for years over the ownership over U.S. soil. Before the story of Christopher Columbus landed, there were indeed people that farmed and squatted the lands. Indians were also merchants and business men of all types. They were peaceful, religious and educated whom operated under their own government and codified body of law. On September 15, 1830, at Little Dancing Rabbit Creek, the Chiefs of Choctaw Nation along with U.S. representatives met to discuss the impact of a bill recently passed by the Congress. This policy, with all the same good intentions of those today who believe they know better than we how to conduct our lives, allowed for the removal of Indians and the separation between them and the whites to the West of the Mississippi River.

Government made it clear to the Native Americans, that the whites in Washington cared very little for their situation, and that they either willingly move, or forced off the land by U.S. Military. Some of these people were not even Native Americans, but strangers that had been taken over the years becoming orphaned.

The Chief however signed the treaty trading 10.3 million acres of land east of the Mississippi for 10.3 acres in Oklahoma and Arkansas. The Chief agreed with the understanding that there were no other options for his people. In return the government guaranteed in the body of the treaty, safe passage to the native’s new homes, including provisions and monetary annuities to assist them in making a new start. One-half of the people departed almost immediately, the rest trailed the following year.

Many saw their land and property sold before their own eyes. The "safe passage ways” that were promised turn out to be a forced march. The conditions to follow were harsh and at the point of a gun, many were killed. The exposure to bad weather killed the old, and rotten beef along with spoiled vegetables supplied killed off many others. Many native’s walked the complete distance without shoes, hardly clothed. Although the government was directly blamed there were also