Essay about Nutrition: Obesity and Healthy Diet

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Week 4 Assignment. HBO: “Weight of the Nation” 4-Part Series ESSAY. 12 points
Part 1: Consequences Time = 1:08:47

Part 2: Choices Time = 1:12:54

Part 3: Children in Crisis Time = 1:07:36

Part 4: Challenges Time = 1:08:09

A- WATCH at least one or more, possibly all if you have time, of these 4 “Weight of the Nation” video documentaries. They provide a very enlightening inquiry into America’s ongoing obesity epidemic. (Closed captions are available but are not completely accurate…this is a tech issue with YouTube at this time).

B- After watching these documentaries, CHOOSE several specific quotes or written facts from at least ONE (or more) of the 4 “Weight of the Nation” documentaries.

C- LIST which Part(s) #1, #2, #3, and/or #4 that you watched and plan to write your commentary on. You may discuss more than one documentary if you wish.

D- WRITE your specific individualized comments on the following issues regarding obesity in 4 or more paragraphs containing at least 4 or more sentences each per paragraph. STATE your specific quotes and/or facts from the video segment(s) you plan to discuss at the beginning of your essay (and/or at the beginning of each paragraph) before writing your 4 comprehensive paragraphs. (3 points possible per paragraph)

E- DISCUSS your own personal comments and perspective as to why (contributing factors/causes) our nation has such an extremely high incidence of overweight/obesity in children and adults, specific consequences of obesity regarding chronic disease development, overall health, and longevity, and prevention and/or treatment options available or that you might personally recommend— as well as the likelihood as to whether these strategies will be successful in the long term for our nation.

You may also add your insightful comments on any of your own or family members’ experiences or struggles with overweight/obesity if you would like to share these; this is not a required component of the essay.

PART 1 Consequence

“Dr. Berenson’s study showed that when obese children reach adulthood they are 8 times more likely to develop high blood pressure than healthy weight children.” As what I have learned, obesity is considered the primary risk for high blood pressure in children. In most cases, obesity is caused by eating too much and exercise too little. Many parents usually let their children to eat what they like but do not pay enough attention to maintain their children’s diet. I think children are too young and do not know that much about healthy diet, it is parents’ responsibilities to modify their children’s diet. Also, parents should spend time with their children to do some physical activities which can balance the calories’ input and output. With a healthy diet and appropriate amounts of physical activities, it greatly reduces your children’s risk of obesity, as a result, reducing the risk of other disease as well. Not only does being obese put your child at risk for high blood pressure, but also for a range of other health problems such as heart disease and diabetes.

“77% of the Bogalusa Heart Study participants who were obese as children remain obese as adults.” I think there's very suggestive evidence from the Bogalusa Heart Study to show that childhood obesity is related not just to weight, but also to poor health in adulthood. If a child doesn’t maintain and keep a healthy diet and lifestyle when he was young, it will be harder for him to change his diet and lifestyle later in his life. Besides, childhood overweight also has psychological and emotional consequences which will affect his adulthood life. So it is really important to help your children to maintain an appropriate weight for their age, which could significantly reduce the risk of other disease in the future.

“In its last survey of America’s Health, the centers for disease control and prevention determined that 68.8% of American adults are