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Conducting this 3 day analysis report has opened my thoughts to re-evaluating my eating habits and health. My 3 day consumption of food consisted of, granola and oats for breakfast and a yogurt with an energy drink and coffee to start off with. I like a sugar free energy drink or a black coffee to start off my day. My lunch is generally a left over from the day before and then between lunch and dinner I will eat a fruit for a snack. This continual routine of eating is because my job, my breaks, and my lunches are set and I keep on my schedule it very simple I also try to get 100 ounces of water in a day. As soon as the weekend comes I get off track and I eat whatever is near while I’m out doing errands or yard work and enjoying my day off.
In the recent days it has been a little up and down deviating from the norm. this is heavily due to my work schedule it will vary at times, depending on the work load I will either be on track or I will fast because I don’t have time or I don’t have the nutritious foods around me so I will wait until I get home. When I do this I eat allot of bad goods as soon as I get home. I generally like to eat the recommended foods and serving sizes as I am on a biggest loser contest at work. This also helps because my insurance savings depends on a healthy life style I get bonuses and incentives for living healthy. There are those hiccups that will get me off track but I don’t make it a binge I generally acknowledge my wrong and correct it to not make it a habit.
I will add more fruit to my diet, it is not the fact that I do not have any of it, is just throwing it in the bag for work. I can also cut down on the fast food and the beer. I enjoy beer for the taste and micro-breweries are everywhere in my area, but calories and carbs are high per serving.
The six classes of nutrients are: carbohydrates, water, lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals. The intake over all in the three day analysis was viewed as okay by the food tracker. My water intake is 100 ounces a day. My goal is what I shoot for, sometimes I’m under my goal and it seems to affect my performances at work if I don’t get enough water I feel dehydrated. My three day intake of lipids concluded that my