Nutrition: Registered Nurse and Elementary School Teachers Essay

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A Good Job Before I came to America, I thought earning a minimum salary was a good job. However, after I have been living for almost a year, I have changed my definition significantly. I realize I need to have good money to cover all my expenses like school expenses, car for transportation. Since my current salary is minimum wage which is $9.04 per hour, I only make about $820 per month. It is not sufficient to afford all my basic needs like house rent, transportation, and school expenses and so on. I need also flexible work hour not only to spend time with my family but also to improve my skills and abilities. Certainly, most people in America have a big dream regarding a good job. To me, a good job that has flexible work time, good salary, steady demands and benefits. I have two specific careers examples that would fit my definition of good job. These are Registered Nurse RN and Elementary School Teachers. I have three reasons to illustrate that why I think these are good careers for people like me. Let me start by giving some reasons why Registered Nursing good for me. First, Registered Nursing has a good flexible work hour. Since the work hours for RN is most likely 24 hours available, I could easily choose the time that would fit to me. Second, Registered Nurse has good salary. According to WOIS (2011) in Washington, the average entry level wage for registered nurses is $4,572 per month ($26.38 per hour). Which means it is sufficient to cover my expenses. Third, unlike other jobs, in this tough situation, the demand for Registered Nurses is expected to rise highly. WOIS (2011) says “Between 2009 and 2019, it is estimated that there will be 1368 openings annually due to new positions and 1,042 openings. This is an encouraging number to people like me. Last, the benefits for Registered Nurses are fabulous. WOIS (2011) states that RN has typical benefits: such as paid vacation, sick leave, and health insurance. It also says that many employers also offer child care, education benefits, and bonuses. The reasons for Elementary School Teachers are: First, usually most Elementary School Teachers work daily which is full time. It is