Essay about Nutrition Training Healthy Eating

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Nutrition training Healthy eating

6 steps to eat healthy
Balance diet
Fruit and vegetables – 5 portions a day
Plenty of fluid
Regular meals
Get down the fat, specially the saturated ones
Limited sugar
Moderate alcohol
The daily calories what a person need is 1500 calories for women and 1800-2000 calories for men. In case that is needed to lose weight the calories will be for women 1200 and for men 1500.
The roles of food in our body:
Starch food have fibre, fibre have B vitamin, B vitamin have antioxidant which helps to eliminated the waste from the body.
Carbohydrates help to maintain the sugar level in body. Glycaemic Index shows how is the level of sugar in the body.
There are two kind of fibre: soluble fibre, which are dissolved and absorbed by the body and helps constipation and give energy ; insoluble fibre which are not are not absorbed by the body just eliminate as it is and helps also to constipation.
Fruit and veggies give vitamins and minerals which are vital for the body.
Milk and diary is very good source of Ca which is important for is needed daily 1 pint of milk with sunshine to have the daily amount of D vitamin.
Salt is necessary as well for our health but because food naturally contain salt do not need to add too much salt in food preparation. Some example of healthy food:
Cereals: weetabix, fruit&fibre, porridge are the best. Is not a healthy choice the choco pops and sugar pops.
Pasta and rice to be brown if is possible with sauce based on tomato and not on cheese or cream.
Butter and margarine to be the light option
Best fat is the olive oil because is an unsaturated fat, and also the spread based on olive oil.
The food to be prepared by steaming, in the oven, microwave, boiling or casserole.
Chicken to be eaten preferable without skin.
Fish is very healthy and very low in fat.