Nutritional Food and Drinks Project Essay

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Project in the news
Wei Wang
Foundations of Project Management
September 30, 2014

According to USA TODAY reports, 7-Eleven launched new fresh “nutritionally balanced” food, which is directed by fitness expert Tony Horton Kitchen (Bruce, 2014). Bruce explained that the first mind that we think of 7-Eleven, we might not think they provide nutritional food and drinks, so they want improve this situation (Bruce, 2014). They are not using healthy, organic food to take place of other stuff. They want sell both not only the beer, cigarettes, Twinkies, and hot dogs, but also fresh sandwiches, wraps, salads, and fruit juices (Bruce, 2014). The strategy of 7-Eleven is not narrow one particular kind of customers, while they one expand their market to suit more categories of people (Bruce, 2014). This article also illustrates that the health and wellness market in convenience store shares $50 billion in U.S., and is still growing (Bruce, 2014).
I believe 7-Eleven adding nutrition food and drinks in its stores is a project. Because based on the concept of project: “A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique deliverable: a product, service or result.” this project have the factors of temporary, unique, and deliverable (PMBOK, 2013, p3). First of all, this action of launch organic food is temporary. The article didn’t say the specific start and ending time, but this should be done in few mouths. Although they might sell the new fresh food for long period of time or maybe forever, to start market this program is temporary. Secondly, this project is unique, which is undertaken by 7-Eleven, and it is a new idea. They make the particular new menu. There are two kinds of sandwiches including Grilled Chicken with blueberry mustard on a whole-gain sub; two salads including Spicy Quinoa Salad with Chimichurri dressing; two wraps including Spicy Black Bean Hummus & Vegetables; and four kinds of fruit juices (Bruce, 2014). Furthermore, this project is deliverable. 7-Eleven wants gain the reputation from the people who have or prefer health diet and life style. One of the deliverable is absorbing customers who peruse organic food from other store or shop, like Whole Food. Additional, this plan can be developed through progressive elaboration, which also is a factor of project. During the process of the project, 7-Elcven can optimize its diet depending on the customers’ feedback and expert’s analysis. Also, the price and quantity also can be adjusted according to the market. At last, this project has a primary sponsor and involves uncertainty. The primary of sponsor of this project is shareholders of 7-Eleven. The uncertainty of this project might be budget shortage or the competitor’s campaign.

Project Scope Statement, Version 1.0
September 30, 2014
Project Title: Nutritional Food and Drinks Project
Project Objectives:
This project will produce nutritional, healthy, and organic food and drinks in 7-Eleven convenience store to absorb new customers. So the major objective is developing new diet product, including sandwiches, wraps, salads, and fruit drinks. These products need to be identified by experts and related organizations. Another objective is making customer know, familiar, and get used of these products and services. Using big window advertise post and TV, Radio commercial advertisement to let customers know about these products.
Project Major Deliverables:
1. Research of current nutritional food market: Via the research and analysis of current existing market, the results can be documented in a report. This report can help to determine the kinds of diet and target customers.
2. Survey of customers and experts: Customers and experts’ opinions are most important for this project to develop new product. According to the survey, we can make the food and drinks not only tasty,