Nutritional Summary Essay

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Diet Analysis summary

During the process of the analysis I got into the habit of measuring the amount of food I eat now and also reading the amount of calories etc… It was very interesting to me. At first I was a bit confused as what to do but then I understood shortly after. The foods that I choose to analyze are the foods I do try to eat on a regular basis especially vegetables along with the protein. I tend to eat a lot of spinach for the rich iron I can receive from it and mostly because I have a sickness which requires me to have a big intake of iron regularly. My friends and family also got involved with the assignment and decided to try it out as well. They seemed to like it and see this as a way of keeping healthier and a way of losing weight. I find that the RDA information in the back of the text book Personal Nutrition by Marie A. Boyle and Sara Long is very helpful and helps people to change their diet more. There is a big influence on reading the health facts about something before you eat it other than just shoving it in your mouth and not knowing the bad it might be doing to your health. After doing this research I did find myself being more aware of what I eat and how much of I eat because the amount does matter. I tried to stay away from salty foods and overly sweet foods to see what my totals would come out to. It felt a little weird having to write down what I ate