Nutritionist Career Goals

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My degree program is Bachelors Science in Nutrition Science. I know that with this degree I will not become a Licensed Nutritionist, but this is a start towards my dream profession. As a Licensed Nutritionist, there are many responsibilities for this job. Nutritionist research the body and how it functions from nutrient supply, study how diets affect our metabolism, and investigate the relationship between genes and nutrients, and much more. There are many specializations for Licensed Nutritionist. Nutritionist can specialize in Clinical Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Animal Nutrition, Public Health Nutrition, etc. Nutritionist generally work with people who are healthy, while dietitians mainly work with people who are ill. Places that employ …show more content…
It is necessary to have good speaking skills. This is where I have trouble. I have a hard time speaking to other people or in front of a large group. I get nervous and start mispronouncing words or stuttering. Speaking skills are important to have for this profession because Nutritionist have to speak to client’s everyday about their health and nutrition plans. It is necessary to good reasoning, logic, and critical thinking skills. Possessing good coordination skills, reading and comprehension skills, and being an active listener are all necessary skills that a good Nutritionist must have. In this profession you must be supportive and respectful to your clients. I am a positive person. I think that is an important personality trait to have. You have to be positive while working with other people. People sense that and it helps motivate them to do better and to continue with the process. My career goals. My short term goal is to continue my education in nutrition. I want to learn more about our bodies and how they function when we put certain things into them. My long term career goal is to finish school and to start my career as a Licensed Nutritionist. I want to use this knowledge that I gain to make a positive impact on others health. One day I hope to open up my own nutrition clinic or maybe even open up my own gym and work as fitness and nutrition