NVCC Pharm Midterm Study Guide Summer 2015 Essay

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NVCC Pharm Midterm study guide Summer 2015 what drug forms have the fastest absorption what is expected when highly protein bound drugs are administer together, or if the patient has low albumin in the blood what is the serum half-life of a drug when is a ‘peak’ drug level drawn difference between tolerance and addiction
What is ezetimibe for and what should the patient know about therapy?
What is the placebo effect?
What is tamsulosin for and what is the major expected side effect to anticipate.
When a patient has a possible side effect of orthostatic hypotension, what is the safe thing to advise them? emergency drug used for anaphylaxis what is Pyridostigmine and what is expected when you give it to a myasthenic gravis patient
What is tacrine given for? why give atropine as a pre op drug- what is the advantage what will modafinil do (why give it)
Expected side effects of methylphenidate. what dosing time considerations are there what is the hangover effect with hypnotic meds drugs used for treating respirator depression from drug OD therapeutic level of phenytoin and lithium why is phenytoin avoided in pregnancy organ toxicity expected for valproic acid dietary restriction for carbamazepine expected side effects from using barbiturates expected therapeutic effect of levodopa/carbidopa
What are muscle relaxants prescribed for? expected effect of statin drugs- how do you know they were effective patient teaching with alendronate side effects from aspirin which analgesics will also help with inflammation what acetaminophen will treat how long until chlorpromazine is therapeutic what are anxiolytic drugs what is buspirone used for what are indications that depression has improved (think of the signs of depression)
Why are benzodiazepines rarely prescribed long term? what to teach patient who is taking a CNS depressant- what should be avoided for safety common side effects from atypical antipsychotics why are newer atypical antipsychotics preferred over older antipsychotics such as chlorpromazine what is fluoxetine and apiprazole and risperidone and ziprasidone expected side effects from SSRIs vs TCAs (tricyclics) sx of lithium toxicity vs expected side effects patient dietary teaching for lithium side effects of