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Common Characteristics of Successful Nonprofit Organizations/Social Businesses
Commitment to Mission
- Impersonate business strategy around the main objective
- Employees must be committed and strongly support the cause
- Passion, Mission, Vision

Strong and Positive leadership
-Strength and positive attitude are two issues
- Strength encouragement instead of controlling/manipulating
- Positive  leads the group in a positive manner

Financial Responsibility
- Responsible for financial gains and handle donated income with care - Make the money work efficiently and effectively

Community Connection
-Connecting with the surrounding community or the community at large
- Without community involvement organizations die
-Government or businesses support
Linking value to customer to Social value (providing double incentives)
- giving benefit to customer while promoting the social value
- Ex. SOS or charity events

Self Sustaining
- Continuous cash flow and return on investment
- Not rely solely on grants/investors
- Innovation and/or expansion

Combine entrepreneurial practices with social practices
-Rely on people who are committed and supportive of cause i.e. volunteers
-Incorporate the social value into the business models

More info:

PEST Factors

Political factors

-Many governments in Africa are politically unstable (wars, corruption, civil wars, uprising) which can be a potential threat to business

-Businesses need to be protected under government law (law enforcement and effective policies)