Nvq 2 Carpentry Essay

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State why and when health & safety control equipment identified by the principles of protection, should be used relating to 1st & 2nd fixing components,
Setting up & using cutting & shaping machines, the types, purpose and limitations of each type: The work situation, occupational use and the general work environment, in relation to:
- Collective protection measures
- Person protective equipment (PPE)
- repertory protective equipment (RPE)
- Local exhaust ventilation (LEV)

QCF641 1.4
QCF643- 3.4
QCF09Av2 3.2
QCF10Av2 3.2
QCF628 3.2 Health and Safety control equipment identified by the principles of protection which should be used relating to the use of first and second fixing
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2 Dry water; for use on wood,paper and textiles,flammable liquids,gaseous fires and live electrical equipment.
3 foam fire;for use on wood,paper,textiles flammable liquids,do not use on live electrical equipment.
4 C02 (Carbon dioxide);for use on flammable,liquid,live electrical equipment, do not use in confined space.
5 Wet chemical;for use on wood,paper,textiles,cooking,oil fires.
State how personal behaviour demonstrates responsibility for general workplace health, safety & welfare, in relation to

-Recognising when to stop work in the face of imminent danger to self or others.
- contributing to discussions and providing feedback.
- reporting changed circumstances and incidents in the workplace
-complying with the environmental requirements of the workplace.
Give examples of how behaviour and actions of individuals could affect others within the workplace.

QCF641- 4.2/ 4.3 Personal behaviour in the workplace will generally not just affect you but the persons around you, so in the face of imminent danger one should stop work immediately to protect oneself and others.
Contributing to discussions and providing feedback in a professional manner will offer positive solutions to any problems and when reporting changed circumstances and incidents in the workplace, when done in the correct way to the correct people will avoid further incidents and this may sometimes have to be done in a confidential manner but at other times one might