Essay Nvq 2 Health and Social Care

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Give 3 examples of what you can do in your day to day work to support equality and inclusion and reduce discrimination
I could support equality and inclusion in my day to day work by involving everyone in activities and and making them feel included. I could also have chats with the service users to make them feel comfortable and feel that someone cares and is there for them when they feel down and know that they can talk to me when ever they want.
I could reduce discrimination by challenging it and making sure that the person that discriminates realises it is the wrong thing to do and that they shouldn't do it again as it hurts peoples feelings, by telling them in a calm and professional manner.
I would also reduce physical barriers so
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I have carried out duty of care in my work as I work in the best interest to the service users and that is competent to my level and job description. I do this as I have to observe the service users, report any concerns to the supervisor and I work in line with the principles and codes of practice in my setting.
I also follow standard procedures in my work including the use of resources and equipment and have regular updating of knowledge and skills.

Give some example of dilemmas that may arise between the duty of care and an individuals rights.
The dilemmas that may arise between the duty of care and an individuals rights is the balance between health and safety and the individuals rights. For example, the individual may want to go out on a walk but it is really cold and icy, so the service may respect the individuals rights but would gladly go along with the individual to make sure they are okay and do not fall.
Another dilemma is the right of the individual to make choices of their own care. For example, the individual may want to stay in their room all day, so the service will respect their choice, but will go up and check on them every half an hour to see if they are all right.
The concepts of mental capacity is another dilemma as the individual, may not have the mental capacity, so therefore, you cant really ask them what they want or what they would like to do. Asking