Nvq 3 Assignment 307 Avi Essay

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307 AIV
Explain TWO ways of helping other practitioners to understand the different systems used to record information in adult social care settings.

Explain them, let them shadow you, monitor them as they use them.

206 AI
Explain THREE differences between a WORKING relationship and a PERSONAL relationship.

A personal relationship is one where your personal life and extra curricular activities and social life are involved.
A work relationship is another way of describing a relationship with your coworker. You spend time together at work, you work well together, but you have little or no contact outside of work. It's strictly professional.

206 AII
Give TWO examples of different working relationship in an
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Commissioners are also subjecting learning disability hospitals to extra scrutiny in the wake of the scandal, while the number of inspections by the CQC has rocketed.
Experts demand reform
However, 86 learning disability experts and organisations have written to government to say this is not enough, and that learning disability services need wholesale reform, including an end to placements in hospitals and investment in alternatives in the community.
Though these placements are designed for short-term assessment and treatment, aCommunity Care investigation found that patients had been resident in them for an average of almost two years, with one in five in hospitals for at least five years.
However, a government-commissioned report has warned that there are few incentives for providers or commissioners to overhaul private hospital services.
Good practise
Community Care has published a number of good practise pieces responding to the case:
Why institutional services such as Winterbourne are still being commissioneddespite years of expert guidance calling for community-based alternatives to be used instead.
How staff training and good recruitment practises can ensure good-quality residential care for people with learning disabilities.
Training tips for providers working with