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Unit 15 Understanding health and safety in social care settings

Understand the different responsibility’s relating to health and safety in social care setting…
Identify legislation relating to health and safety in a social care setting
The legislations that cover health and safety are health and safety at work act 1974
Management of health and safety act at work regulations 1999
Reporting of induries diseases and dangerous occourences regulations (RIDDOR) 1995 Explain how health and safety policies and procedures protect those in social care settings
If the legislations wherent in place people would not be aware of the dangers around them. Which could lead to serious accidents or even death for example leaving medications out
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If first aid was carried out by someone that wasn’t qualified the injured person could end up more injured or even killed for example if resuscitation is preformed incorrectly the injured persons ribs could be broken and further injuries could occur

3.4 Explain the consequences of failing to follow emergency first aid procedures.
The injured person could end up more injured and the person who performed the first aid could end up being sued.
The included person could die
Loss of job

Understand how to reduce the risk of infection
4.1 describe the routes by which an infection can get into the body
Open wounds

4.2 explain the following prevention methods
a) Hand washing correct hand washing methods can kill most germs that live on the hands which then stops the germs spreading through touch onto other [people
b) Own personal hygiene washing and scrubbing with water and soap helps to remove germs and chemicals. It can also prevent exposure by ingestion and cross-contamination of the surfaces and objects we touch.

c) Encourage the individuals own personal hygiene
To prevent the spread of germs and to stop bacteria recirculation back into the individuals system

4.3 evaluate different types of personal protective equipment and how they can prevent the spread of infection
Gloves are a good way of protecting the spread of bacteria as it is harder for