Nvq Level 3 Business Admin Essay

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Unit 9 – Supervise a Team in a Business Environment
Personal Statement.

1.1, 1.2:
By working together as a team towards a goal/ objective helps the team become stronger and more focused towards targets/aims. This is due to individuals being able to build personal confidence while working together and enables people to be more assertive in their strong areas. By supervising the team you can help build a confident and able workforce by learning their strong/weak points. When working towards goals or targets the most productive/efficient members or staff will be used according to expertise/confidence in the area. This will help achieve business objectives as everyone is working towards the same goals. This will improve business and
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Team members may need support for work issues. I.e. they may be struggling with a particular area of work. To support them I would assist in finding support for the area in the form of either an accuracy member to coach or an experienced member of the team to mentor the member of staff. I would also have regular meetings with them to discuss any areas of concerns. Other issues of support required by team members may be personal issues outside of work. In this instance I may not be able to be actively involved in helping sort out the problem but I would be available to talk confidentially and also direct to any help they could get via 3rd parties through the workplace. I could also help in ways by reducing workload for a period of time or a change to working hours for an agreed amount of time if this would make things easier for them. In all examples discretion and confidentially would be of the utmost importance.
When working on a team, problems can occur with clashes of personalities, some people might disagree with others ideas or ways forward/ ways of working. To deal with this I would be respectful of everyone’s opinion and let each person discuss in the group what the pros and cons of each idea are. If personal issues of this type occurred I would speak to each individual privately in a professional manner before it started to affect the team. Teams can have problems if one particular member of staff doesn’t work the same way as others or even if they