NVQ Level 4 Unit 406 Evaluate And Solve Business ProblemsLizzy Bristow Essay

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NVQ level 4 Unit 406 Evaluate and solve business problems Lizzy Bristow

When the economic climate changes or government changes, business problems can arise. When government policies are changed, new laws may come into place. With the college when the government changed Education wasn’t as high on the agenda as the previous government was. So our funding was affected very badly courses have had to be cut or in extreme case no longer being able to run, free training is a thing of the past and most course even for staff carry a contribution with them. With the economic climate in turmoil most company’s training budgets are the first to go and company will only undertake training if absolutely essential. They also want best value for money.
The college’s business plan lasts for five years it is re-evaluated constantly to see if improvements can be made. We have just had an Ofsted inspection and have been downgraded so the management will re look at the business plan to re-evaluate the plan we have to incorporate any issues that have be raised by the inspection. In this way we can give our customers the best possible service at the best value and continue to receive funding.
When the college computer system went done earlier this year the impact was massive on the way the college works. New plans had to be put in place in a very short time. Staffing resources were looked at and certain members of staff were sent home due to not being able to access the system. They would then make the time up at a later date when the system was back up and running. Staff were kept informed by emails and the website being regularly updated.
My job involves using the system that had been affected, so I had to make plans for my work not to be affected I did this by using a paper system to book candidates on. And to keep all the information in one place so I would not lose vital information. When the system was up and running again I could transfer all the information over.
By being keep updated by the mangers could effectively manage their staff and time more efficiently. Unfortunately the problem was compounded by bad weather which stopped the replacement part from be delivered. So again plans had to be readjusted to deal with this set back again update were made to staff to keep disruption to a minimum.
When the computer system was resolved and all systems came back on line. There was a massive back log of work which had to be prioritised, this was done in meeting and discussions between departments.
By having policies with in the workplace, procedures are in place when a