Importance Of All Staff Consistent And Fairly Applying Boundaries And Rules For Children's Behaviour In Accordance With The Policies And Procedures Of The Setting

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Unit 10.1.2 Describe with examples the importance of all staff consistently and fairly applying boundaries and rules for children’s behaviour in accordance with the policies and procedures of the setting.

Key words: relationships, trust, openness, communication, rules, policies, procedures, rewards, sanctions, equality, justice

Children who are shown fair and consistent boundaries respond better as they know what the expectations are in regards to behaviour. When all members of staff have the same rules and follow the behaviour policy the children are more likely to respond positively when spoken to about something they may have done. When procedures are not followed correctly it is likely that the childs learning will suffer as well as the learning of others around them. All children and staff should be aware of the rewards and sanctions within the school. At my setting we use a house point system, all children start the day on green. There are 6 sections red, yellow, green, bronze, silver and gold and 3 subsections within each colour. To get to gold the child would need to earn 9 house points in a day, these can be earned through school work and behaviour. Children who are on gold at the end of the day are allowed to visit the senior leadership team and have their name put into a “golden book” which is then read out in our weekly celebration assembly. There is also the opportunity to become a school champion, these are children who are consistently well behaved and