Nvq Unit 6

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6.1.1 Take note of children and young people’s responses to own practice.
6.4.1& 6.4.2& 6.4.3& 6.4.4 Be able to support the work of the team.

Today I started with reading with the group of the pupils. Miss B asked me to listen to their reading and I was responsible for a group of five students. They were K- B- P- J- R. I listened to their reading. Some of them had some problems with sounding out and I helped them. After 45 minutes Miss B started to explain about a new topic which was time converting.

L. O. I can convert units of time. that was our purpose and objective for this lesson and as always I was responsible for supporting a group of students. Before starting I spoke to Miss B about what should I do exactly and what’s her point of view. She suggested that better to use whiteboard and whiteboard pen for making my explanation more clear. Every
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I was looking them when they were doing their task. Some of them followed the ins instructions correctly, but some of them were confused and they asked me questions. For example, K asked how can I convert 90 minutes to a time in hours and minutes?
I replied 1 hour is 60 minutes is that right? She said “yes” I said 90-60=30 so we have 1 hour and 30 minutes. Then I asked her to do the next one to make sure she understood. Next one was 100 min she said 100-60=40 so we have 1 hour and 40 min. I said good job K well done, now go and do the rest of them. I was so happy with their responses. They all listened to me carefully and they felt safe with me because they asked me lots of questions and one of the significant point was we work as a team together.(6.1.1)
I carried out my own role and responsibilities within my group and we finished our activity on time and I was be able to support my group according to objective and specific