Counseling Children In Diverse Population

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Counseling Children in Diverse Population
Nyria Madison
Liberty University

Multicultural counseling has enlighten counselors the ability to work with diverse clients. It has also created a controversy over how multicultural problems can be addressed in counseling children who come from race, ethnicity, and cultural background. Children culture plays a part in their social development and how they interact in their early childhood. Culturally counselors are aware on how to understand the client cultural background and how to intervene skillfully to work with the clients and help them successfully feel comfortable and adapt to their new environment. In addition, using multicultural competencies can assist the counselor with the skills domain of multicultural competence. This paper will provide information on how multicultural issues are address in counseling children. Also this paper will provide implication on helping children to feel comfortable and advocacy social justice. The purpose of this paper is to provide information on how to understand multiculturalism of counseling children.

This research discuss counseling multicultural children on different stage levels and ethical and legal issues and also counseling children in diverse populations. Counseling children from different culture is an immense array of challenges in the school system in the United States. According to the article Counseling Adolescent, Counseling is a person-to-person, two-way communication during which the counselor helps the young person evaluate their feelings and opinions regarding the problem for which help is sought; provides adequate information to help the young person make an informed decision; and acts as emotional support for the adolescents during periods of crisis and confusion. (Yumana, 2013) This problem delay their way of challenges capably to grow and be successful. Children success depends on whether their social, physical, and psychological needs. Researcher found a close study of diverse student’s problems and thoughts of their educational experiences in America. This shows the problems and results for refining their cultural skills. Although students perspective can be difficult in a multicultural classroom. Some student’s come across a problem were challenges and setbacks amending socially and academically to the American atmosphere. The result to solving this issue is receiving advises from teacher, counselor and other staff in the school system. The way Multicultural counseling takes place is when a counselor and client are from differing cultural groups and understanding the client culture perspective. In addition, demographic are making changes in America, multicultural is becoming increasingly. The most important role of a counselor working with the diverse population is cultural knowledge. This will help you understand and clarify the child situation. In order to be a successful counselor you have to understand the stages of counseling children and the competence on being ethical.
Understanding the stages
Counselors go through a step process on understanding and working with children from different culture. The first stage is the exploring stage. This stage is to help children understand the problem they are facing. Clients from different racial background may have different perception of the exploring stage because of the child eye color, and verbal background. The counselor has to be well aware of the child body language. The Counselor will engage with the child by asking open ended questions to understand the client culture background. This stage level, the counselor should just focus on the client by allowing the child to do the most socializing. This step will inform the counselor on the child problem on why he/she is there. During this stage the counselor should show empathy instead of sympathy. Also this stage is the opening of the session and support the counselor with