O Connor's Argument Essay: Reproductive Choice

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Reproductive Choice How would you feel living in world where the government controlled every decision you made with your body? Or living in a world where you were stripped from a choice that made the difference between you succeeding in life or not. Doesn’t sound very fair, does it? Well that’s what they pretty much want to do with women when it comes to abortion. In 1973 abortion was declared a fundamental right by the Supreme Court and was legalized. After its legalization, abortion has become one of the biggest disagreements in America. Many fight over “prolife” or “prochoice” and it’s a never ending battle. The Supreme Court’s Sandra Day O’Conner believes that choosing whether to have an abortion or not is central to a woman’s independence and ability to determine her future and I could not agree with her more. Choosing abortion is a woman’s right and it should never be limited by …show more content…
Have they even thought about the fact that women who are denied abortions likely to become unemployed, on public welfare, below the poverty line and victims to domestic violence? Many who don’t get to have an abortion typically end up on unemployment benefits, compared to the woman who had an abortion. 73% of women who have had abortions have said they made their choices because they could not afford to have a baby and 38% said that giving birth would interfere with their education and career goals. Birth defects, low birth weight, maternal depression, increased risk of child abuse, lower educational attainment, delayed entry into prenatal care, a high risk of physical violence during pregnancy are all associated with unplanned pregnancies according to The Colorado Department of Public health and