O Malleys: A Short Story

Words: 1190
Pages: 5

When the doors close, the two sections unite once again. Sean designed it to show how our hearts remain united and always will.
Our souls are bound and neither time nor distance can break that bond. My beloved is such a romantic.

She was right. Sean did build the armoire in the attic for Lacey. The next several entries described how the three O’Malleys spent quiet evenings together in the study. Sean worked on his ledgers while Lacey did needlepoint. Patrick played on the floor exactly as she had imagined. Lacey wrote of walks with Sean in the garden after Patrick had fallen asleep. She loved her roses, especially the one that she called ‘Blush Noisette.’

September twenty-third, 1870 - I have planted the most beautiful climbing rose
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If you have any more problems, please call me. Day or night. As I said, I guarantee my work. I don’t want any unsatisfied customers.”
Confused but relieved that there weren’t any major issues; she would chalk this up to a fluke. She wouldn’t tell Ray. It would give him an unfair advantage in their ongoing battle about it not being a good idea for her to stay out in the ‘boonies’ alone.
The plumber had finished his inspection by 6:30 p.m., time for dinner. She entered the kitchen and not being all that hungry made a small salad. Swayze lounged in his usual spot on the rug by the stove.
As she ate, she worried about Ray’s arrival tomorrow. Their relationship had once been stable. She thought it would last forever. Many times in the early years of their marriage, Ray would come home from work with a boyish grin on his face and hand her one red rose. She had that in common with Lacey, although Ray’s roses were always red. For the past year, there were no roses.
An empty longing tugged at her heart. Will it ever be that way again? Should we file for divorce and move on, or is out marriage worth saving? That was the question. Casey knew of couples who had survived similar situations. Could
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Cannon said they needed to focus on the positive parts of their marriage and build on that. Was it possible after all that had happened? Not knowing what to do would end up driving her crazy. If she could peer into a crystal ball to see the different outcomes of her choices, then maybe she would pick the right one. No chance of that.
At one point, she had considered contacting one of those phone psychics to see what words of wisdom they would impart. But not believing anyone can actually see into the future, she decided to save her money.
To divorce or not would be a hard decision for her to make not taking commitment lightly. Her grandparents had ingrained a strong set of values that included responsibility for your actions, respect for others, and to live with a high degree of integrity. That was why she never believed in adultery. She felt if you no longer cared for whoever you were with, you should leave the relationship before starting another one with someone else. She believed Ray felt the same way until Carol.
Finished with washing the dishes, she tossed the towel on the counter and called for Swayze. “Come on, boy. Let’s go to bed.” She climbed the stairs with a heavy heart doubts waving in and out of her thoughts. Walking into the bathroom, she focused on the chair between the windows. What happened last night? Was it a nightmare? Please don’t let anything strange happen