Oates Three Girls

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“Homo sapiens is the species that invents symbols in which to authority, then forget that symbols are inventions” by Joyce Carol Oates.In the short story Three Girls written by Joyce Carol Oates was a very interesting. The story takes place in a bookstore in Broadway March 1956. Two girls have found out that Marilyn Monroe is shopping at the bookstore in descied. The girls were surprised to see that she was not surrounded by men.
Joyce Carol Oates was born on June 16 1933 in Lockport New York. Oates was raised in a farm her mother was a housewife and her father was a tool designer. Oates at an early age was interested in writing. When she was little she would write stories by drawing pictures. Oates wrote her first book at age fifteen but was
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Marilyn Monroe is considered as a sex symbol is currently dressed in men's clothes.Marilyn Monroe being alone in the the bookstore is a very important part of this short story. It shows that a women does not need a man to be considered correct in society. The time period that the short story takes place in during the women's suffrage movement. Marilyn Monroe dressed in men's clothes represent that women and men are equal that even. “Like us (we began to see) this Marilyn Monroe required no man” this sentence in the short story give you a clue of the girls sexuality. Marilyn Monroe was hiding from the public at the time as well as the girls were hiding their relationship.As the story progresses the Mariln Monroe starts to slowly show who she realy is and a the end of the story Marilyn Monroe enteracts with eachother. The girls slowly reveal their true feeling for each other and they kiss. “You the wily gymnast and I the aggressive basketball player.” if a person thinks about this stereotypical you would believe that the aggressive basketball player is a guy and the gymnast a female foreshadowing the upcoming revised