Ob, Arctic Minings Consultants, Case Study Essay

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Case Synopsis
Arctic Mining Consultants is a mining company that deals with mineral exploration. In this case study, the project given is staking 15 claims in Eagle Lake, Alaska. The project Manager was Tom Parker, who has a wide experience and specialized knowledge in all nontechnical aspects of mineral exploration. He is a geological field technician and field coordinator for Arctic Mining Consultants. He assigned his previous field assistants John Talbot, Greg Boyce and Brian Millar to help him complete the project. The job required them to stake at least 7 lengths each day in order to be completed on time. However, the whole team has became very tense and agitated, especially Tom Parker, as the deadline was
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He also refused to listen to his employee's suggestion, Talbot. Another factor was the nature of the work itself. Working on a hard task for long hours with fairly low daily wage was not easy and of course not motivated at all. The job cause them severe fatigue and any other conflict might cause them emotional disturbance. That was what happened to Millar on the 7th day of the task where he came into his climax when he announced in abject tone on how frustrated he was.
c) The Stress
Stress is a state of tension experienced by individuals facing extraordinary demands, constraints, or opportunities. In this case, the sources of stress involved was work stressors. Without doubt, working in mining area can be stressful and the job demands can disrupt their work-life balance. The work stressors in this case can arrive from many sources such as: * Excessively high task demands -the team members were being asked to do too much work in a very limited time. * Role conflicts -The feeling of unable to satisfy multiple, possibly conflicting, performance expectations. * Poor interpersonal relations - The team, especially Millar were experiencing bad relationships or working with Parker and they obviously can’t get along well together. * Physical setting -The unpleasant working condition and long working hours make the team to have severe fatigue and emotional distraction.

d) The People