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Benefits of organizational behavior on developping my skills

Organizational behavior encompasses the study of individuals and groups in an organization while interacting with each other. This is done through a systematic approach in which the full range of human relations is analyzed. This includes interaction with another individual, group interaction and the interaction between social systems that prevail throughout the organization. The purpose behind the understanding of organizational behavior is to build a better relationship between communities of people and achieve organizational and social objectives.
For me, I don’t have any work experience, however using the skills acquired while taking the course of organizational behavior I am able to choose the career that fit my personal and professional characteristics. So, I will demonstrate through my personal experience the effect of studying human behavior in organizations on people’s career.
I obtained my bachelor degree in organizations management in my home country morocco, then I have decided to complete my studies and get a highly regarded degree so, I came to study in the US. After finishing my English studies for three months, I started my MBA and I chose to have organizational behavior as my first course because it will help me to better understand human behavior in contemporary organizations as well as current trends in the workplace. In doing so, I will develop the skills needed to better understand the situations I might encounter. Also, the knowledge and skills acquired in this course will help me to act and interact more effectively in an organizational environment. Moreover want to find out what major that fits my personality and characteristics to study in my master. So, organizational behavior is considered as the first step toward a valuable and satisfying career.
Optimization of organizational behavior is important because it plays an important role in organizational development and is a key element to improve individual and group performance in an organization. It can enhance our performance as an employee or manager by strengthening our competence in performing the four managerial functions of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. To do so, there are several tools used by organizational behavior.
To start, global mindset is to have an open mind, high level of awareness of the diversity of cultures and understand them in order to use it at the workplace to influence employees. When I took the test of global mindset, my result proved that I have a high level of global mindset which means that I am opened to the variety of cultures and am comfortable with the global diversity. This means that I can work efficiently in a multinational company.
When it comes to ethics and social responsibility it is a concept of responsibility of an organization toward the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment, through transparent and ethical behavior that: Contributes to sustainable development, including health and well-being of society, takes into account the expectations of stakeholders, respect the laws and is consistent with international standards, is integrated throughout the organization and implemented in its relations .According to the results of the test I tend to strike a balance between performance and social responsibility and business ethics. So, it is important for me to think about my ethical principles and fully evaluate the impacts of my decisions.
Due to the increasing of diversity in all organizations either it is differences in sex, race, ethno cultural origin, age, physical and mental, or sexual orientation in the workforce. , all workers must learn to work together in a context of diversity. Businesses and their managers must adapt to a new work environment. In short, all participants must be aware of the importance of diversity and ethics cultural. We can say that values and cultures differ