Ob364 A1 Essay

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Part A: Question 1 The foundation of open systems theory is that all the components of an organization are inter-related, thus, changing one variable impacts many other components of the organization. Additionally, organizations use external and internal inputs to produce outputs. (McShane & Steen, 2009). Further, there is a nonlinear relationship between different components of an organization. Meaning, a small change in one variable can cause enormous changes in another, and conversely, large changes in one variable may have a small effect on another. Therefore, organizations are in a state of dynamic equilibrium. Thus, organizations are seen as open systems which continually interact with their external environment …show more content…
These factors however, are not an excuse. What needs to happen is this type of situational factor needs to be communicated to the manager so the employee is still accountable for their behavior.
Question 3 The ABC behavior modification is a model that demonstrates how behavior modification is dependent upon its antecedents and its consequences, antecedents being the events preceding to a behavior and consequences being the events following a behavior (McShane & Steen, 2009). Within the context of the above example, employees are not following the policy of coming to the office first. A behavior modification could be that employees need to start signing in, in the morning, and their pay will reflect the hours in which they have/have not signed in for. Second, I would recommend that a general staff meeting be held, as soon as possible; individual meetings need to take place with those who continue to either sign in first thing in the morning and/or are late for work. The general staff meeting would highlight the role of employees within their job description and outline the consequences if employees do not follow the company policies. Further, follow through on consequences and keeping employees accountable for their behavior and task accomplishment is necessary for success. The ABC behavior modification model will ensure the behaviors the company