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Obama and Political Issues A major political issue that Obama has spoken on in his debates is his opinion about small business owners. He has made it pretty clear with his stand on Obamacare and with all of his tax cuts for small business owners that Obama definitely favors small business owners ( Pagliery 1 ). He raises taxes for the upper class, such as with the Obamacare tax, but lowers taxes for the lower/middle class and small business owners with various tax cuts ( Pagliery 1 ). Obama believes that helping the small businesses to grow will help improve the economy as a whole ( Pagliery 1 ). Although this might be true, I think the president should be focusing more on paying off all of the national debt the United States is currently in ( Pagliery 1 ). Even though I highly dislike taxes, I think they are necessary to help eventually pay off the national debt. I believe this will be a better solution to improve our economy. Perhaps one of the most well known political issues that President Obama has spoken on is the issue of health care. His new plan, also known as Obamacare, is designed to provide affordable health insurance for all citizens for the United States
( ObamaCare 1 ). Obamacare does not replace private insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid
( ObamaCare 1 ). Instead, it will expand and reform Medicaid in order to help cover more people, especially those below the poverty level, improving health care for those who
Sanchez 2 cannot afford private health care ( ObamaCare 1 ). This plan will be paid for mostly by the upper class, more specifically citizens with an annual income exceeding $250,000
( ObamaCare 1 ). Only 3% of small businesses will have to pay the Obamacare tax
( ObamaCare 1 ). I personally agree with Obamacare. The major reason being is because I myself am of the lower/middle class, and I think all citizens of the United States should be able to afford health care. Another important political issue that President Obama often speaks about is taxes. He plans to make eighteen small business tax cuts for small business owners
( Pagliery 1 ). These tax cuts for small business owners include health care tax credit, shorter holding periods for owners, mobile phone deductions, startup deductions, limited penalties on tax errors, bonus depreciation, exclusion on capital gains, higher expensing, carry back, work opportunity tax credit, pay roll tax exemption, lower estimated tax payments, health care…