Obama Being The President

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If I was allowed to vote I would vote for Barack Obama as the next US president, although since I’m not a US citizen, I have to rely on others to make the right choice.
I would like to talk about health care companies and how Obama being the president will affect them. First off, just to compare, if Romney wins, all the health care company’s money will go to waste that they invested in Obama care to what Romney’s new laws bring. Also if Romney does win, the prices for insurance will soar and everyone will go back to how it was before. This would not be good because the wealthy can afford it but middle class will struggle and the lower class won’t be able to afford it. You will come across reports or people saying I can’t afford insurance so I’m sitting here in pain because they can’t treat themselves. Everyone has the right to have insurance. Secondly Romney doesn’t even have a definite plan, he keeps changing his policies.
Under Obama care everyone is going to have insurance that means all health care companies will have more customers. The only down side would be that Health companies cannot vary the prices by varying the amount of coverage. Therefore companies will find it hard to market because if they are under Obama care, it is hard for them to stand out. Every insurance company will be there competition because there are so many customers. Everyone likes having Obama care because which person wouldn’t want insurance. Therefore there will be an increase in customers for insurance companies. This will lead to more insurance companies to start up and increase in Obama voters because the middle and the lower class will be equal. Also if people don’t have insurance their fees are paid out of taxes hence it’s good that everyone will have insurance.
Having Obama-care health insurance companies will have to pay or provide an option for insurance if they have over