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Since people often ignore the fact that every citizen deserves health insurance that’s affordable to their income, there will be a big and helpful change coming in 2014. The affordable care act is in motion. There are four main ways every citizen will experience health care once the health care law moves fully into effect. Half of the America will get health insurance through their jobs. About a third will get covered health insurance through the government called Medicare. About one in ten will buy insurance themselves. Unfortunately the other 30 million will not be covered with health insurance.
Starting in the work place many Americans are already covered by the job they are working for, but for them not a whole lot has changed. There are some advantages like how many caps they have to pay out of pocket and free preventative care. The bigger change is coming for those who work with larger companies but aren’t covered now, but that’s because the government is going to require companies with fifty or more employees who work full time to be covered. If they are not then they will have to pay a penalty fee. This will cause more working people to become covered.
Smaller employers will not be penalized for not having health insurance but will be heavily be encouraged to obtain it through smaller market places. Some small employees will be offered tax breaks if they do become covered. Unlike now, health insurance companies will not be able to inflate prices on employees if they get sick. This will cause most of us to get covered while working.
"Many people think that this health care law is going to cover everyone, and it's not (Lamoureux)" A lot of people will still be covered by the government. Not much will change with seniors on Medicaid and Medicare. The law has already started helping people pay for prescription drugs and better preventatives care. Medicaid on the other hand is used to cover the less fortunate. People who are on a low income can still get insurance through private health care companies.
Health insurance market places will be provided to those who find that the insurance for their jobs are too expensive for the middle class. These market places will be small private companies competing to get people covered under their care. People who chose this route will be able to choose how much they want to be covered and how much they want to pay from cheap low bronze plans to expensive high platinum. All plans that the private companies provide will cover hospital and doctor, mental health care and prescription drugs which is mostly everything a person needs when it comes to health care. As with Medicaid most governors will not want to go with this plan and open it in their state, but the feds will open it anyway and you won’t hear much about it so whoever wanted to use would have to find it themselves. One big advantage to getting insurance through these private market places is getting a tax credit provided by the federal government. This will make insurance more affordable if there’s not any other options or your income is low. Most people on a low income will approve of this and won’t have to pay much. The Market place will make sure that the companies corporate with you under certain rules, they will have to offer everyone health insurance even if they are sick they also will not be able to charge more for preexisting conditions. Men and women will pay the same price and senior’s prices will actually come down, while young people will pay more. To keep the coast down for young people with health insurance they will be able to stay on their parents plan till they are twenty-six and buy low budget plans till they are thirty.
The cons to this system are reasonable if we the people take action but here are some of them. Most republicans don’t agree with this system, mainly because they feel they don’t need to spread their wealth to the less fortunate. “They say that Obama Care will destroy the economy, by