Essay on Obama: George w. Bush and Electric Street Cars

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Persuasion; a skill that Obama has clearly mastered and has constantly used throughout his entire campaign. In a time where there is so much stress and need of assistance in America, Obama knew exactly what the people of our country wanted to hear and the smartest way to deliver it to them. After our country's previous disappointment and regret with the job that President Bush has done, Obama seemed like that Savior that this country rightfully deserved. During Bush's Presidency, we witnessed horrors that many Americans would have never even thought to be possible. The gigantic downfall in the economy resulting in a recession, the horrendous terrorist attacks on the twin towers leaving many Americans sleepless for nights as a result of fear, the tax breaks for the wealthy, the stranded people in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, the war in iraq, are just a few of the negative occurrences that have occurred Bush's presidency. Sadly these are just a few of the things that have occurred during his presidency, and it is much easier to name the negatives rather than the positives. It is hard to believe that all these things could happen under one man's presidency, and although Bush may not have done the best job possible during his presidency, the downfall of an entire country couldn't possibly be blamed on a single man. Unfortunately, the first thing people do when things go wrong is to point fingers. Obama knew that the people were desperate and tired, and his combination of a classy personality, superior brains, and humbleness is exactly what the people wanted in this time of need.
In Obama's Tulane speech, he opened up with a sincere recognition towards the youth in America. He stated that a young man went up to him and explained how he had never been interested in politics up until Obama came into the picture. Right away, Obama used the art of persuasion to attract the attention of the audience showing that he stands out from any other previous competitors. In a university, which is obviously populated by mostly young adults, this was something that would attract the audience's mind and listen with their minds open to a new, fresh beginning that Obama promised to offer.
From this Obama proceeds with his admiration and appreciation of the what New Orleans has overcome in its history. His knowledge and appreciation for the origination of jazz, the different races and religions working together to build the city, and the general overcoming of struggles that the city had to go through made the audience feel proud of their city and its accomplishments. After Obama finished giving New Orleans its credit, he mentioned that it also had its faults. Obama stated how the very spots where they were was covered three feet underwater, and how now the electric street cars are up and running once again. “Change in America happens from the bottom up,” was used as a metaphor towards how New Orleans hit rock bottom and worked its way back up as a result of everyone working together.
If one were to take a close look at several of Obama's speeches, it is obvious that he constantly tries to bash the word “I” and encourage the words “We” and “Us.” Obama is all for spreading the message that if put aside our differences and work together, we can achieve wonders beyond our expectations. He addresses how the American government is in fact not doing the job that they are supposed to be