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The Syrian Wildfire

The ongoing crisis in Syria has raised many questions about the United States

strategy on dealing with such a high violence country. President Obama has absolute power to

wage war without congressional support. Obama said “…so even though I possess the authority

to order military strikes, I believed it was right, in the absence of a direct or imminent threat to

our security, to take this debate to congress.” The fate of the world should not rest in any one

person’s hand.

President Obama has a stern look on his face as if he is focusing on the issues in Syria but

giving the Nobel Peace Prize a second thought. The quote in the cartoon used slang which

indicates a nonchalant view of the situation. There is also an American Flag in his office which

represents freedom from oppression. Lastly, Obama is residing in the Oval Office which is

located in the White House and is referred to as the seat of Executive power for the United States

Petray 2

Abuse of power can corrupt an individual’s reputation and everything he or she stands

for. The cartoon above the president turning away from his previously peaceful tactics

and focusing towards using violence in a radical country. Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize on

October 9, 2009 for his incredible efforts to enhance international negotiations and unity between peoples. The committee exalted him for his vision of a nuclear-free world. In

addition, Obama also claimed the United States has to generate friends rather than creating

enemies. Contrary to his peaceful background, Obama unilaterally intended to bomb Syria with

or without the approval of congress. The British Parliament voted against the war and survey’s

showed American’s were overwhelmingly opposed to the war. In his televised address, Obama

didn’t really ask for anything except for the American people to watch graphic videos of

chemical weapons being used as the astonishing diplomatic path he’s chosen plays out. On

September 3rd Senator Corker asked about the presidents