Obama Recasts Climate Essay

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Media #3
Sai Hotung
Obama and Green­House Gases In this weeks media assignment I chose an article called, Obama Recasts Climate Change as a Peril With Far­Reaching Effects, by Julie Hirschfeld Davis who writes for the NY TIMES.
Davis for the most part reports the events of the commencement address on Wednesday at the coastal guard academy when Obama called for coast guard graduates to aid him in protecting the public health and national security. Not only does Obama ask these graduates but in his speech some things that he says are surprisingly aggressive, it seems Obama is focusing the rest of his term on reducing greenhouse gases and reducing the rates of global warming. Those that refuse to act or are still skeptical about global warming were referred to as negligent and a dereliction of duty. Something that I never thought about was radical groups taking advantage of a country that is suffering from global warming like Nigeria and drought leading to high prices of food and then civil war. I would be interested in reading Obama’s proposal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the next ten years. I especially want to see what the UN has to say and whether or not the nations will come together to keep our homes alive. I can understand how businesses might be nervous about moving to newer greener energy sources but if everyone made that change together I think that it wouldn’t be such a huge expense. Politicians have tried to convince