Obama Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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As any good speaker of rhetoric would Obama manages to effectively use the four appeals. A speech about gun violence was obviously very timely taking place after the tragic shooting at Umpqua Community College. Whenever the president gives a speech it seemingly always tends to be a big deal or after a major event. Which speaks wonders about his credibility, he is the man who runs our country. Being that the speech was following an event as heart breaking as a college as a college shooting, consequently there was definitely appeal to the emotions especially in the first few lines of the speech when Obama expresses his condolences for the family. Lastly the appeal that I feel is most effective in president Obamas speech would be logos. Two main …show more content…
Not only are the examples and facts you use important, but also the delivery style is crucial to your success. Obama being the president he has excellent speaking skills; some would say that his speeches are a vital part of why he was elected particularly a speech he delivered in 2004 at a democratic convention. Obamas first appeal to logos is when he tells us our thoughts and prayers are not enough, not enough to stop another similar incident happening somewhere else. He uses these lines as a way to begin argument. This is a logical claim because time after time these shootings happen and each time we feel the sorrow of the people who loss loved ones but nothing will change unless we make a change. Another line in which he uses factual information to back up his claim is “We are the only advanced country on earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every few months.” He uses this fact to point out that if laws are enforced about gun control we will see a difference in our nation. A third example of him using logos to persuade his audience is when he speaks about the speech he gave earlier this year about enforcing more gun laws, and latter that day there was a mass shooting in Louisiana. As I said previously a key concept in giving speeches is your delivery and particularly with this example he delivers it effectively