Obama Speech Anaylis Essay

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Ikenna Stovall
12/11/2012 5…..4….3…2…1, the moment you have anxiously been waiting for is here. The hours that you’ve been waiting out in the cold, shivering to keep warm has been worth it all. Finally the doors to the mall have been opened, the first 100 customers rejoice in praise like a Baptist choir, knowing that they’ll receive a free gift card. “Welcome Sir, here is your gift card for being the 76th customer in line”, says the man that opened the doors to heaven will say to you. “Swish Swish Swish” is the noise that your shoes will make as you enter the mall, due them being exposed to the snow. The people before roars like a lion yelling “Hurry, Hurry!!! I have to get those new shoes” stating that the contest for the Black Friday bargains has officially started. Everyone in the mall is stamping like a herd of elephants, making sure they get every single item on their list. As you walk throughout the mall you see everything. As you waiting in line at one of your favorite stores, you see mothers of misbehaving children getting out of line to discipline their children. You have never been so happy before because you get to move 2 places closer to getting your favorite shoes. As you enter the store, you see the store is well organized and clean like the Fa-Brezze commercial, but after 10 minutes the store is trashy as a dump due to careless customers throwing items in random aisles. You might even search through the horrifying pile because the shirt you saw advertised on television might be in there. When you find that one shirt, you go and try it on but it’s too small and can’t fit. You go and ask the workers they have a bigger size but it have gotten sold to that “Ghetto” man behind you that was constantly screaming in the long line. Eventfully, you get in line with a shirt since you have a temptation