Obamacare: Changes To The Current Status Of The United States

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Matthew Kelly
Mr. Nati
14 April 2012

A majority of Americas gain their health care through their jobs. Many jobs today offer health care through their benefits. Those who don’t have a full time job may have to buy their own privet health care, which is extremely expensive. According to a recent poll from USA Today over 50.7 million Americans have no health insurance. The main cause off this is because of the loss of jobs during the recession, and companies dropping health insurance to save money, or because they cant afford to keep these benefits.

With the election coming up many people are looking at the current president’s healthcare plan for the future. Upon looking at a basic outline or the plan it seems President Obama has some significant changes to the current status of U.S. healthcare. Some of his radical changes include healthcare for all Americans. “Under the new health care laws, a patient can no longer be denied health insurance coverage because of a pre-existing condition. Individuals, who for some reason could not get health insurance previously, will be able to get health insurance through state and federal programs called exchanges.” (Obamacare: A Short Summary of the Health Care Reform Law). Other changes include a full out change of Medicaid. It states that:” The number of people who qualify for Medicaid will be drastically expanded beginning January 1, 2014.” (Obamacare: A Short Summary of the Health Care Reform Law), and improvements to children’s healthcare. In all it seems as if President Obama has a good idea as to what he feels is necessary to help with the healthcare issue.

On the other side there is Mitt Romney, who most see as the leading Republican candidate for president. Mr. Romney has a healthcare plan to counter the Obamacare plan. He instilled a similar type of healthcare system in Massachusetts which went over rather well in the state. Romneycare has five major points. His first is to return the healthcare plans to each individual state, not a nationwide overhaul. “To do this, he would block-grant funds for Medicaid and the uninsured, and offer the states resources to help the chronically ill.”(www.thepoliticalguide.com). The plan would also allow for people who own small or individual companies to receive the same benefits as