Characteristics Of Modern Organization

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Section one:
a) Modern organization has evolved continually for thousands of years. The reason why the organization appears is to achieve objectives and satisfy its members. In today’s daily life, everyone is involved in different organizations. This assignment will use the example of Yili to illustrate how the organizations achieve goals.
The definition of the organization is that people or group carried out the organizational activities to achieve its objectives or goals based on the formal structure. (Laurie J. Mullins, 2013) And organization behavior is influenced by different organizational structures. There are many kinds of organizations in today’s society. The organization can be divided into different types by the characteristics. According to the types of authority, the organization can be divided into traditional, charismatic and bureaucratic organization. Traditional organization is a kind of influence on the religion. Charismatic organization is about the government. While armed forces belong to bureaucratic organization. Another type of the organization is divided by the purpose. There are many organization purposes such as public service, voluntary, social enterprise and so on.
Although different organizations have many different purposes, the final purposes of them are the same which is to achieve the organization’s objectives. For example, Yili is a business organization to produce dairy products such as liquid milk, ice-cream, milk powder and yoghourt. The purpose of Yili is to produce healthy dairy products which leading a healthy development in dairy industry for human beings. Yili’s vision is to be recognized as a world-class health foods group. And its mission is to Keep Innovating for Human’s Healthy Lifestyle. Understanding the healthy concept of Yili which will make people to buy Yili’s dairy when choosing the dairy products. This is because everyone wants to become healthy. This will lead to an increase in the demand of Yili’s products. This will promote the accomplishment of Yili’s objectives. So it is very important for people to understand the concept of the organization.
b) An organization has many stakeholders such as employees, customers, shareholders, government and so on. The stakeholder is the people who can affect or is affected by an organization. They can be internal or external and they can be at senior or junior levels. Take Yili’s stakeholders for instances. As one of the biggest dairy companies, Yili can provide more than 100 thousand jobs for the local people. At the same time, the government can get a huge number of the tax revenue from it. So the government will support this organization which is necessary to the development of Yili. The government is one of Yili’s stakeholders. The employee can also influence or be influenced by Yili. The active motivation of the workers would improve the production efficiency of it. Meanwhile, the well-development of Yili would also attract the competent employees.
The organization can be viewed as an open system that takes input from the environment and through a series of activities transform these into outputs to achieve the objective.( Mullins & Christy, 2013) Using Yili as example, the inputs of Yili involve dairy productions, workers, customers, and etcetera. Through series of activities, these inputs can change into outputs. Yili’s dairy productions would translate into good reputation of Yili. Customers can change into satisfied customers. And the workers and staff from Yili would become satisfied and loyal employees. The translation actually is the measure of achievement. To get the organizational goal of delighted customers, Yili could take measures like customer questionnaires to improve their products. This measure make the common customers change into satisfied customers. Open system is such a translation to change the inputs to outputs by using different measures.
c) The organization can use SWOT analysis to review its