Obesity Essay

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Obesity is a major health problem nowadays. As the number is on the rise, It has been affecting both sexes males and females within certain group age such as childhood and teenage. Our bodies require calories for daily normal functions and activities but gaining weight occurs due to increase in the amount of calories consumed over its need. Obesity is a set of condition in which there is excessive gain of body weight due to an abnormal accumulation of fats in the body. “Obesity is understood to be a complex disease requiring multi-faceted treatment"(Atkinson 1999). This report identified the different causes that lead people to obesity like genetic problems plays a role, but genes are not responsible alone for the dramatic increase in obesity. Sedentary life styles lack activities and psychological conditions which affects individual health. In addition, there are also certain effects resulted from obesity such as diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and high blood pressure. Difficulty in moving and being depressed plays a big role with obesity furthermore, the preventive measures which are likely to contribute to awareness and adopting healthy habits for lifetime, achieving and maintaining appropriate weight requires good physical activity which is good for overall health. Combined dietary patterns and adequate treatment approaches (diet, exercise, and behavior modification) are likely to produce better results than any single treatment.

Causes and Effects of Obesity

Obesity is a long-term complex condition which has become a worry for many people in our culture nowadays and it is important to obtain and realizing of what obesity is. According to Wlardlow (Journal of the Hela, 2000, vol. 7) "obesity is defined as a condition characterized by excess body fat and also defined as being 20% above the average weight". Generally increase consumption of foods high in fats and sugars may lead to obesity. According to research, we all have and require fat tissue in our bodies." When there is too much body fat, the result is obesity "(The World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia CD-ROM, 1996). Classification of obesity is commonly based on Body Mass Index (BMI) which adjusts body weight for height is associated with the total body fat content in adults. A BMI of 25-29.9 is classified as overweight while a BMI of 30 or greater is considered obese. The energy needed by the human body is divided into two. Primary energy is needed by the human body for non-voluntary activities, such as heart rate, breathing, bowel movements, and others and secondary energy activity and movement is caused by human use during the day walking, swimming and