Obesity: African American and Black Population Essay

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How free were free blacks in the north? Most blacks in the late 1800s who fought in the civil war were respected in some ways that we have chosen to give them there freedom. We have given them many small new chooses to do in there new free life, but we have stilled disrespected them in many major ways. Although, some of the people in the south and north didn't like blacks, we still gave them the right to vote, there own educational system, and they had their own church system too.

First of, for many years we have fought with the blacks and given them disrespect even though they didn't do anything to us. Also most of the american colonists will treat them like they were a piece of garbage on the street (which they actually were) and torture them just for fun, but right after the civil war that when history in the US toke a major turn. We have given free black men the right to vote, although we there were some places in the US that didn't want them to vote so they either didn't allow them to vote or put restrictions on voting for blacks. In document A in our packet t states only 4 northern states didn't allow blacks to vote, 5 had restrictions on voting, and in only 5 states allowed them to vote. Most of the black of the black population thought this was unfair, but the whole white population thought all of this was perfectly constitutional and fair.

Secondly, although some of the states in the US allowed for the blacks to have a education they lead to nothing. For example, when a black man who just finished his years in school he cant go anywhere because mostly all the jobs that are available wont accept any of the blacks. Also they were taught very poorly that when they were done with school they will still not speak fluently in english. Once said by a young african boy " Shall i be a mechanic? No one will employ me;white boys won't work with me. Shall i be a merchant? No one will have me in his office: white clerks wont associate with me. Drudgery and servitude, then, are my prospective portion.". This shows how even