Obesity and Blood Transfusions Injections Essay

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P4 – identify two services users with specific dietary needs
Case study
Ellie is 19 years old and is above the average weight limit which has leaded him to been obese. His BMI is above average for his height and age. He has been diagnosed of being obese since he was sixteen which has continued and leaded him to constantly get fat over the three years, and now he has come to the point that he would like to control his diet. Obesity is another word for a lot of body fat, it is when the person is 20% or more over weight, and has a BMI level of 30 or more. He has got to this stage by eating a lot of greasy and sugary foods, and by not doing any exercise which has made his weight gain over the time.
The symptoms that occur during obesity are as follows:-
Big increase in weight
BMI level rising high (over 30 comes under the obesity category)
Abdomen (thighs, face and arms get bigger)
The treatment for obesity is as follows:-
Eat fruit and vegetables
Regular exercise to burn the fat
Eat less sugary and greasy food
John is 22 years old and has anaemia this is when you have less red blood cells than normal in your body. Red blood cells are needed in our body because they carry oxygen around the body which then in turns do their duties. And when you have less blood cells in your body this causes the blood supply insufficient amounts of oxygen to the tissues forcing the heart and lungs to work harder to pump additional oxygen to where it is needed.
John has been suffering from anaemia for about 3-4 years now and he has been getting someone else’s