Obesity And Fast Food Essays

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Fast Food or Fat Food McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, as you hear those names you think delicious, cheap, and ready. You're brainwashed to think this by the hundreds of fast food and junk food advertisements you see each day. Yes you know that it might not be the best solution to your hunger, actually it's the worst option, but to you the good outweighs the bad in this situation, and that's the problem nowadays. Fast food and junk food is so easily obtained and convenient that it's contributing it's fair share on the uprising obesity problem we have in America. Convenience foods, Fast foods, and Junk foods have become such a big problem in America these days. Many people rely on these foods too much, whether you need a meal replacement or just a midnight snack to get you through the night. In some cases people have become addicted to these fattening and sugary foods. You might think that they get the job done but in reality you don't notice what's really happening to your body when you consume these foods until it's too late. Junk Foods are so unhealthy and yet they seem to sneak into almost every meal. We might have some microwavable food for breakfast, potato chips during lunch, and then a burger with fries and soda for dinner. Little do you know how big the negative impact is on your body when eating these tasty goods. According to the New York Amsterdam News 殿 diet laden with fatty, fried and fast foods, coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, is to blame for the rise in obesity among children. Fatty and fried foods have been welcomed into our lives as we now reject healthy baked and steamed foods. There must be a reason why we pick junk food over having a nice balanced meal almost everyday. Cost is a major factor in why we choose these foods daily. Pierce Hollingsworth, vice president for Custom Media at Stagnito Media and teacher at Northwestern University痴 journalism school argues 典he Food Industry is Not to Blame for Obesity but admits that obesity in all age groups actually did increase due to the low cost of fast food. You can go to any fast food place and spend five dollars and have a nice filling meal. While you think you are saving money on fast food, your bodies are paying for it with the risk of obesity which may then lead to many things including diabetes. While the cost of these unhealthy foods plays a big role in why we choose them everyday, it isn't the only reason. The availability of junk foods is so much that it just makes that choice sound so much better. Who wants to cook for over an hour when you could drive down the block and grab a prepared meal in under 10 minutes. Sometimes you just have to have that snack from the vending machine because you're stomach is killing you and you're gonna be late for class or work. Fast food is everywhere you go. You're way more likely to find a fast food place before you find a grocery store nowadays. In many cases these cheap, fatty, and unhealthy foods even taste delicious which is another problem itself. Since these foods taste good compared to the healthy foods we have at home, many people crave for these foods and feel the need to feed that urge inside their stomach and mind telling them to go grab a combo meal from the nearest fast food place. This is how many people become addicted to fast food and all of its so called luxuries. While you can choose to eat healthier at home,