Essay Obesity and Main Points- Exercising

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I. Introduction
A. Opener- Have you ever heard of the saying "If you dont use it you will lose it?" If you do not use your body in the correct way it will become old and dry and not be in such good shape anymore.
B. Introductory Transition
1. Background Information-
2. Definition/Explanation of Unfamiliar terms exercising is any type of physical activity done to maintain or improve physical fitness and health.
3. Audience-Need-to-Know that exercising is helpful and useful in more than one way in life.
4. Speaker Credibility internet, experience.
C. Thesis Statement/Preview of Main Points- Exercising is a good thing to do because it helps with your health, keeps you looking good physically, and allows you to have more of an exciting life.
II. Body
A. Exercising Is good for your health
1. It can reduce the risks of many illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, or high blood pressure.
2. Reduces stress levels and strengthens the heart and lungs, strengthens immune system
3. Can relieve depression and anxiety;

4. Helps you sleep better

B. Keeps You Looking Good Physically
1. Your muscles become firm and tone.
2. Can delay the aging process. Instead of you looking your age you may appear younger. (Example of co-worker Arthurine)
3. Allows you to avoid becoming obese and boost your confidence level.

C. Allows You To Have More Of An Exciting Life
1. Improves Stamina- you can manage…