Obesity and Physical Activity Essay

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Online Assignment #2
James Huang
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Increasing Physical Activity Physical activity is important not only to help the body burn off extra calories that people consume, but also for benefits to cardiovascular system, decreasing chances of becoming a type II diabetic, and lowering bad cholesterols that could lead to stroke or cardiovascular disease. There are many benefits to maintaining a healthy physical lifestyle. For a sedentary senior, I would recommend something not as strenuous to begin with due to the body being frailer and recovery time being longer. Something as simple as taking a 15-minute walk a day would be more beneficial than no exercise at all. Overtime, if the exercise is consistent, increasing the time and intensity can further increase the health benefits of exercise. I would also ask for a daily food intake chart to see what they are eating in order to assess their needs for nutrition and exercise in order to create a good balance between calories, nutrition, and exercise needed to maintain a healthy weight. For an overweight teenager, I would definitely recommend increasing physical activity as soon as possible. Due to the young body’s ability to become acclimated to strenuous workouts, I would start increasing the intensity of the work out by involving exercises that increase the cardiac workload, such as running or sports such as swimming or basketball. These higher intensity workouts would help burn off excess fat and