Obesity and Portion Control Essay

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A person who works out vs. A person who doesn’t work out by : Jessica Hughes
We all know that exercise makes us feel better but most of us have no idea why? That’s why I’m writing this essay we assume It’s because were burning off stress or reducing muscle tension or boosting endorphins,and we leave it that. The real reason we feel so good when we get are blood pumping is that it makes are blood function at its best, and in my view, this benefit of physical activity is far more important and fascinating than what it does for the body. Their differences:
The person who works out has low blood pressure and has an easier advantage of less weight and they do daily routines eat smaller portions of food. They eat lots of veggies and they don’t go back for seconds they keep their weight under control, they stop eating after a certain time. They only eat 3 times a day and a healthy snack, which is breakfast , lunch and dinner.
The person who doesn’t work out has high blood pressure and can be on a very high risk of many diseases like cancer and diabetes they eat all types of junk food they don’t care of what they eat as long as it is good to them. They eat nonstop they continuely eat until they are full and then over eat, , They don’t put anything into what they do they are not active and they can’t do as much as possible as if they were fit. They become obese and oversize and then think bad about their self. Conclusion:
I’ve been through being overweight it’s a hard situation to go through and because you get made fun of the way you look and you put yourself down and say you hate yourself and eat and eat when your depressed and you don’t think you can do anything or you do anything right and say you will fail at everything. So what I want to say is that health is important and so is taking care of your body you have to exercise try your best at everything you do it’s important to and for your brain cells so you have to be careful and try you very best to take care of your health, weight ,body, and soul. Bones and Strength:
Sitting around or lying around all day makes you weak. Unless you continuously use the major muscle groups in your body , they do not strengthen. If you are older you lose the battle against muscle atrophy or wasting with every year that passes. Bones also lose density with age , and lack of weight bearing exercise plays a role in osteoporosis, brittle bones. Your body responds to the demands you put on it and if you do not exercise, your muscles and bones weaken with times. Endurance:
Just walking up a flight of stairs can make you short of breath if you are out of shape. Lack of exercise can lead to a lack of energy and endurance. The listlessness you feel further. Mental health:
Lack of exercise can lead to a lesscend sense of well-being, your body loses muscle tone and strength and your self –esteem can suffer as a result, weight gain might lead to social isolation and bad eating habits, vigorous aerobic exercise such as swimming or running stimulates your body to release endorphins. Endorphins are natural painkillers that help elevate your mood. Resuming physical activity benefits Medical professional and fitness experts advocate exercise as a way to maintain and build health. You reverse the benefits of exercise when you stop working out, and you never build up fitness and endurance if you never exercise at all. Starting a workout regimen is harder after a long period of inactivity, but you’ll see immediate benefits to your body. Weight and Blood pressure:
Some of the primary benefits of exercise include maintaining a healthy weight and regulating blood pressure.