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Health and human units ¾ homework

Name – warm water waves exercise program
Who organises the program – Arthritis Victoria
Describe the program – enables people to exercise people in warm water and reduces weight on joints, warm temperature helps to relieve stiffness and pain, trained volunteer leaders.
Outcomes – Gradually improves joint mobility, muscle strength, general fitness
Name – national healthy bones week – Dairy Corporation
Who organises the program – Dairy Australia
Describe the program – Raises awareness of the importance of dairy rich foods on the development and maintenance of healthy bones, awareness of dairy rich foods in the prevention of osteoporosis, educates about the importance of developing and maintaining strong bones, awareness of maintain healthy bone mass through consumption of a calcium-rich diet including dairy foods .
Outcomes - healthier bone mass to prevent the onset of osteoporosis.
Name – Asthma friendly schools
Who organises the program – Asthma Foundation Victoria
Describe the program – Supports the whole school community in understanding and managing asthma, Schools must implement current and best practices related to asthma, provides schools with resources to educate teachers and students about asthma awareness, students who are asthmatic must complete an asthma action plan. This plan must be followed in the case of an asthma attack
Outcome – Learn about asthma and how to prevent an asthma attack and what would trigger asthma (aerosol cans in schools) to reduce the threat of an asthma attack.
Name – National bowel screening program
Who organises the program – Commonwealth government
Describe the program – Invites people 50 years and over to be involved in the program, receive through the mail a simple test called a focal occult blood test (FOBT) in the privacy of their own home, mail to pathology for analysis. If a positive test referred to doctor for further tests, free no costs involved.
Outcome – Highly effective in identifying cancerous cells in the early stages of development. This reduces the risk of developing bowel cancer.
Name – Measure up campaign
Who organises the program – Australian government
Describe the program - Measure Up encourages Australians to measure their waist circumference to determine if they are one of the many Australian adults at risk of developing a serious lifestyle related chronic disease. The campaign provides people with information and tips on how to lower their risk by eating well and being physically active. Outcomes – You are able to test yourself to see if you are at risk of being obese which will help you a lot because you are able to check yourself regularly.
Name – Tick program – national heart foundation
Who organizes the program - Heart foundation.
Describe the program – To help or educate people about cardiovascular health and how to get better or avoid it.
Outcomes – More people are know about the conditions and how to help themselves.
Name – Swap it don’t stop it
Who organizes the program – Australian Government
Describe the