Obesity and Proportions B. Exercise Essay

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Health Promotion Project Outline
I. Introduction- Angela Ibarra
A. Diabetes is a chronic health issues that affects many older adults.
B. Many older adults need assistance with maintaining medications, diet, and exercise.
C. This promotional idea is designed to help the many older adults maintain their disease on a daily basis.
II. How to Prevent & Treat Diabetes
A. Nutrition
1. Foods
2. Proportions
B. Exercise
1 Types
3. Times Each Week
C. Insulin
1 Why Insulin?
4. Why Not Insulin?
III. Demographics of Clientele
A. Population age 65 and older 25% have diabetes mellitus.
1 Older population is the significant driver of the disease epidemic.
5. Linked to higher mortality, reduced functional status and increased risk of institutionalization.
B. Complications from the disease cause risk in both acute and chronic microvascular complications.
1. Factors are more common in whites because they have the highest rate of type 1
2. Aged 65 the prevalence of diabetes varies from 22 to 33%.
C. Type 2 is linked to increasing rates of overweight and obesity in the U.S. population.
1 One third of older adults are undiagnosed.
6. Prevalence of the disease will double in the next 20 years.
IV. [Third main point (weakest)]
A. [Support]
1 [Example]
7. [Example]
B. [Support]
1 [Example]
8. [Example]
C. [Support]
1 [Example]
9. [Example]
V. Conclusion
A. The disease is the body’s inability to produce enough insulin this elevates levels of glucose in the blood.
B. Elderly patients are prone to complications.
1. Including coronary artery disease, retinopathy, neuropathy, and nephropathy.
2. Higher risk of cognitive decline,