Obesity and Weight Loss Supplements Essays

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Jane is a working mom and is also overweight and unhappy with her body. She has tried weight loss in the past but with little prevail. Sometimes she simply feels helpless and overwhelmed by her busy life. The problem has become much more severe. Her husband is now having an extramarital affair. Jane feels unattractive and unwanted. Her ideal state has been raised significantly. This was the pivotal moment in Jane’s life that made her want to make a change in her appearance.

One of the techniques Jane uses to search for weight loss is the internet. Through a Google search, Jane will be bombarded with information. A general search of “weight loss” will bring about information on weight loss plans and surgery clinics, as well as ads for weight loss pills. Google states that it’s top number four search in relation to the keywords “weight loss” is “weight loss pills.” The indexed news stories accessible by Google shows a steadily rising trend in the number of articles related to “weight loss pills.” The press has a good coverage of this topic, and some of this press is bad. A number of articles citing the health risks associated with weight loss supplements, sometimes resulting in death. As a casual information search, Jane decides to browse through the different types of supplements available at her local grocery store. She sees the options of Alli and Hydroxycut.

After discovering different weight loss options Jane has decided to go with a weight loss supplement vs. routine or surgical alternatives. By searching online Jane has discovered three weight loss pills that spiked her interest. She has now entered the Evaluation of Alternatives stage. Metabical, Ali, and Hydroxycut are the three options she felt were the most beneficial to her and her lifestyle. Taking the Simple additive rule into consideration, Jane will merely choose the alternative with the largest number of positive attributes. She will also be taking into account the relative importance of positively rated attributes, by essentially multiplying brand ratings by her importance weights (also known as the weighted additive rule).

Hydroxycut is the most popular diet pill that has been on the market for a number of years. A benefit that Jane found about this drug is that it does not require a prescription. This pill boosts metabolism, increases energy levels for stronger workouts, converts fat into lean muscle, and suppresses the appetite. The side effects are: restless or jittery feeling, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, headaches and dizziness (artswire.org).

Ali is an FDA approved weight loss supplement that is made to be taken with each meal. Negative side effects of this drug include gastrointestinal conditions such as loose stools, increased defecation, incontinence, and abdominal pain. There has been 30 reports of liver damage and six cases of liver failure in