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preventing obesity; however they provide helpful ways for preventing children and adults in becoming obese. In conclusion, the information given between Wikipedia’s and other source may be similar, but students should take precautions when gathering information from Wikipedia and adding the website as their main source. In Cathy’s blog, she mentioned tips to know if the information in Wikipedia is credible enough to be the right source for doing academic writing. One tip that was mentioned in this website was to compare the information that’s found in Wikipedia to Encyclopedia Britannica, which is a well-known highly reputable source. If the information is the same on both sources, then it’s reliable. So, it is highly recommended that when using Wikipedia, students should always find a second reliable source to back up the information’s that’s been found in Wikipedia. (Cathy). here are several causes of obesity. One common cause is the lack of physical activity. To properly digest food after consuming a huge meal, doing physical exercise is recommended. But nowadays lifestyle prevents people from working out. One main reason could be electronics. Children mostly stays home and play video games the whole day, sit behind the computer for hours, and watch T.V for hours. According to this website, pending 2 hours a day watching T.V has been linked to overweight and obesity. Other reasons for being inactive thats mentioned are relying on cars instead of walking, lack of physical education classes in schools, and fewer demands at work. (NIH). In comparison to Wikipedia, one of the main causes also mentioned inerror less walking and physical education. Wikipedia also states that television viewing time is the risk of obesity. (Wikipedia). Another main cause of obesity is the environment people live in. One reason includes having over-sized portions of food which can increase a person's chance of being obese. Many people are exposed to fast food restaurants, movie theatres, and gas stations which give them a higher chance of consuming the unhealthy foods these places provide. Some of the meals provided in these places can feed 2 or more people. Consuming big portions of food without physical activity will cause weight gain. If a person continues with this type of bad habit will make them more likely to become obese. (NIH). Please analyze this information, don't simply present it. What does it mean that Wikipedia and the NIH have the same information? Is this a good thing? There are several ways in preventing obesity to happen. Obesity can be managed by eating healthy food and doing physical activity on a daily basis. For children, reduce time in front of the T.V and computer to less than 2 hours a day, eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, and avoid soft drinks and snacks high in sugar and fat. (Stanford Hospital). As for adults, they should improve their eating habits and increase physical activity as much as possible. Avoid foods