Essay on Obesity in America

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It’s that time of year where we make a huge jump from our bikinis to boots. You guessed it, its time for the fall and winter season. Get ready to put away the shorts, the tank-tops and the swimwear and take out the scarves, over-sized sweaters and boots. “The best part about the fall/winter time is that you can layer up and stay warm” says Kelli Preto, the fashion teacher here at Stagg. The styles here at Stagg are very diverse. Everyone loves to express themselves in many ways. We all have our own ways of presenting ourselves to world, to our friends. Some dress to impress, some do it for the love of it and enjoy it and others love to inspire other people as well. Maram Salamah-- Stagg senior —was asked how she likes to express herself through her style. She said “I love to add color and play around with different patters instead of just the plain black and white”. As the seasons change we see such a big shift in fashion. From the runways to the magazines to your very own closet. Kim Buglio, Stagg chemistry teacher, seems to inspire young ladies here at Stagg with her own sense of fashion and lets us in on where she gets her inspiration from. She says “Every so often I look through magazines but most of my inspiration comes from watching people. I like to see how different individuals express their fashion.” Everyone has those ‘bummy days’ where we just throw on a big hoodie and uggs, “When I’m not at work, my go-to winter wear are sweatpants and hoodies” says