Obesity In America

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Obesity in America
Thesis: Obesity in America is a major issue, people will have a reduced life expectancy, physical limitations, and possible social isolation when suffering obesity.
I. Reduced life expectancy
A. Cardiovascular disease
B. Higher risk of type two diabetes
C. Prone to strokes
II. Physical limitations
A. Lifting objects
B. Walking
C. Doing activities with your children
III. Social Isolation
A. Loneliness from friends and average people
B. Discrimination from society
C. Become discombobulated
IV. Solutions
A. Healthy food choices
B. Productive physical activities
C. Choose organic products

Obesity in America is a major issue today, people will have a reduced life expectancy, physical limitations, and possible social isolation when suffering obesity. Is the excessive amount of unhealthy food really worth your life being taken? Are the long-term effects of overeating worth living the rest of your life with limitations? Over the past 40 years, the prevalence of obesity has more than doubled in the United States. (Take Charge of Your Health.) The majority of people who suffer from obesity have problems with a cardiovascular disease and are more prone to a disease like it, meaning that they may also have metabolic disorders as well. Regular participation in physical activity is always going to be important to keeping a healthy lifestyle. Recent research has shown that physical activity and physical fitness levels have reversed and led to an all-time high of physical inactivity. You can fix these by changing risky lifestyle habits, not tackling all of your problems at once will help you succeed better. One effective way of improving this is by starting a healthy diet. Start by eating lean meats, for example: chicken, turkey, salmon, etc… (What's Driving The Epidemic? 7) These meats have a high protein low-fat ratio which means a lot when you are changing your eating habits to not only lose weight but become leaner and stronger. The reason America struggles with obesity is because everything in today’s world is always moving fast and we want everything fast. Many people drive through fast food restaurants and grab a quick meal on the go because their clock is going non-stop. People don’t have time to prepare meals for them when they go to work, or they do but in all reality, they are lazy. Not many of us want to prepare our meals for the next day all the time, we want to eat something fresh and have it handed to us when we are hungry. When someone might work a desk job or similar to they don’t have much physical activity going on through their day, then they go for lunch and eat something that is unhealthy and greasy. Leading to excessive weight and decline in physical activity. How are we supposed to fix this when our schedules are filled every week with certain activities or work?
In today’s society, some people have different ideas for recreation, including smoking, drinking, watching TV, or playing video games. The average male in America spends about 3.6 plus hours watching TV. Scientists went to the extreme of saying that each additional daily hour spent in front of the television predicted a 7.5% increase in the risk of developing heart disease, 10% increase in diabetes, 6.5% higher death rate. (What's Driving The Epidemic? 6) You might think twice now when you pick up the remote to watch one of your favorite shows next time after seeing these numbers. That is why today the average American weighs more than ever before, because they sit more often, exercise less, eat more often, and less healthy. Many of these reasons are not only caused by the choices we make but by what we see around us all the time. When you are driving by a billboard sign on the highway or watching a sports game there are seductive ads all around us, advertising this double meat and cheese mouthwatering burger with a crispy piece of bacon and French fries following a large soda. It can be