Obesity In America

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Imagine a world where no junk food or fast food chains exist. Everyone would be healthy and fit, and there would be no worries about obesity, saturated or trans fats, or proper nutrition.
This is the world that some nutritionists believe we should live in. However, in a society so saturated with fast food, quick meals, and other types of junk food, the idea of not eating a single bite of “bad food” is simply unrealistic. Instead of avoiding junk food and fast food completely, a better idea would be to have these foods in moderation, yet still incorporate healthy foods into the American diet.
Most nutritionists would suggest to people to stop eating fast food or junk food completely. They make the argument that, “fast food in particular is one of the primary reasons for the
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However, here in America, there are plenty of resources and education available to teach people about proper nutrition and dieting. The problem is, television and advertising constantly stimulate people and it is effective. Once people see the commercials and the availability of it all, most education of how to eat correctly is overpowered by the temptation of unhealthy food. There is little way to avoid the deeply embedded food culture here in America. However, there is a way to help Americans get on the right track to eating healthy and that is by adding more nutritious foods to their diet. This is why proposing the solution to not avoid the foods completely is the best solution until we can work to reverse the effects fast food and junk food has on American culture.
In an idealistic, utopian world, there would be no fast food or junk food that could cause bad health or obesity. Unfortunately, we do not live in such a world, and especially in America, fast food and junk food advertising, products, and commercials run rampant. In addition, the
Johnson 6 food is usually cheap and available to people. It is hard to avoid them all completely. Fast